Music: Driving songs playlist for the modern music lover.

Driving playlist

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a “driving songs” compilation that doesn’t have Eric Clapton’s Layla or that one Bach-Turner Overdrive song? Apparently only 50+ former rockers listen to music when they drive. Is there nothing for the modern music lover?

At the tender age of 23 I am finally learning to drive and eagerly awaiting the day when I have my own car (Watch out, road users). As my mind constantly wanders to music I have been thinking about songs to which I can envisage myself cruising around.

One thing that is for definite is that guitars and driving go together. There is something quite romantic about the idea of driving  with a solid rock tune blasting (at a non noise polluting level) from the speakers. You know, wind in your hair, shades on, safely teetering along at a speed that doesn’t take you beyond third gear while angry taxi men and mothers… and grannies breeze past you in a furious blur. Ah, the life.

Here are some tracks will be sure to feature on my Driving Playlist to push the journey on and to simply mesh to things I deem to be enjoyable together.

Foo Fighters- Dear Rosemary

Even before I entertained the idea of driving I had a feeling this would be on a driving playlist. It immediately bursts open with a catchy guitar riff and adopts that loud-quiet-loud structure embraced by Grohl since his Nirvana days. To add to its driving playlist perfection it has the kind of bridge and chorus to which you can belt your heart out.

Kasabian- Underdog

Again, the guitar is the selling point here; opening on the atmospheric, repetitive lick, it is catchy, thunderous and fast paced. It’s also a subliminal two fingers to the speedy drivers who don’t appreciate your careful pace. Ideal.

We Are Scientists- I don’t Bite

Another great one but this one isn’t served on a titillating guitar riff. It is the beat and the bass of the song that makes this a good, tempered song to driving along to. Once again here we have an outrageously catchy chorus that can be croaked along to .

The Dead Weather- Treat Me Like Your Mother

It has Jack White, it has Alison Mosshart and sends me apoplectic.  Brilliant for cruising so it’s going on the playlist.

The White Stripes- Hotel Yorba

This has to be the perfect song to have playing in the car with a few friends on long drive. Easy to sing along to, easy to love. Stick it on your playlist.

General Fiasco- Ever So Shy

This song is blissfully sunny so it makes a perfect driving lesson for our current weather.

The Hot Sprockets- Soul Brother

What a tune. This should really be on any playlist, not just a driving playlist. It has the perfect tempo and just the right level of awesome for going on a drive.

The Black Keys- Run Right Back

This one is all about the guitar.

Huey Lewis and The News-The Power of Love

If anyone gets in my car they will be treated (subjected) to this excellent song. How can anyone not want to listen to this every day? All music critique and snobbery out the window, this is a great song brim-filled with nostalgia for everyone’s favourite time-travel based film.

The Cribs- Mens Needs

Another fabulous and deceptively cheerful song, made for a casual drive.

Of course more will be added, as time goes on and as drives get longer. Share your favourite driving songs.


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