Review: VANN Music- Electro Shock Dreams EP

Vann MusicVANN Music have been creating a buzz in the music industry with their single Life in Real Time; one of those tunes that hold on to the listener’s attention with blasts of radio-friendly hooks.

Their EP ‘Electro Shock Dreams’, already released, will show to fans of the single whether their music has the capability to maintain interest.

From the outset, it’s clear where Vann Music’s influences lie; their music is dripping in ’80s electro pop licks with hints of Pet Shop Boys or Depeche Mode coming through. They take the tried and tested formula, adding a modern twist to the four tracks on the EP.

Never Want to Be Alone certainly stands out among the others. A repetitive keyboard loop opens the track as it develops into a synth-driven track that merits a number of replays. The quality isn’t consistent, however, as Be My Balloon fails to stir any emotion or reaction; it is a stunted track with very little flow or imagination, making it stand out for all the wrong reasons.

‘Electro Shock Dreams’ ends on a high note with Into The Night; a cheerful pop song, the chorus is belted out on the crest of synth wave making it an almost euphoric listen. The vocal performance on this track is particularly outstanding as the lead vocals reach falsetto heights, chiming along with the music. This bursting track was made for live performances.

With stellar production, strong summer vibes and a modern take on ’80s electronica, it is clear that Life in Real Time was not a flash in the pan. Vann Music possess real and obvious talent in writing and performing structured, fun music likely to fill a dance floor or to get a crowd chanting.  Listening to the EP breeds in the listener, excitement and anticipation for what comes next.


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