Review: Kodaline – In A Perfect World

Kodaline Album Review Kodaline have been delivering anthemic sob-rock music  to the masses for the past eight months, perking particular attention with All I Want. Finally, they are releasing their début album ‘In A Perfect World’ tomorrow (June 17th).

With three songs currently in the charts the album is a dead cert for success but does the offering add up to the hype?

This is a collection of poignant anthems opening with the well-crafted pop ballad One Day. The song has a U2 element about it hidden in the twang, repetitive guitar. It is a soft way to kick the album off, maintaining the love-gone-wrong theme they are becoming known for. The track quietens down and fades into the familiar, echoing intro of All I Want. 

This is the track people have long associated with Kodaline the most; understandably, it is an incredibly powerful track dripping in emotion and a sing-along chorus. That being said the heartache theme runs a little dry at times through. Each song tackles the theme with blatant and sweeping emotional lyrics to which anyone could relate; we’ve heard this before, haven’t we?

There are barrels of bands, successful or otherwise, that have churned out piano-based songs typically dealing with failed romances. Coldplay springs to mind most immediately.

This doesn’t take away from the beauty of the music purveyed by Kodaline. One of the most remarkable songs on ‘In A Perfect World’ is Love Like This. It stands out because it takes a totally different approach to the other songs on the album. Although the pessimism remains (“A Love Like This Won’t Last Forever”) the faster paced, more upbeat musical arranged lends it a cheery subterfuge.

Also worthy of mention is Pray. This is a moody song which is doused in hints of desperation and self-destruction. The strumming acoustic guitar and pounding, ominous piano works exceptionally well with Steve Garrigan’s wide range of vocals. The album ends on a folkish note with Way Back When, a reminiscing and uplifting number that brings the album to a fitting close.

There is no point in denying that there is little unique about this album just as there is none in denying the emotive brilliance of ‘In A Perfect World’. This truly is a gut-punching, emotional journey of an album from a band that will surely be promoted to the status of “World Class” within the coming weeks.


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