Beauty: Real Techniques Foundation Brushes Review

Real Techniques Review.

This might seem a little trivial to some of my male readers, but then again, if they are reading it, perhaps not.

The key to applying make up flawlessly is the tools you use. I am a firm believer that you don’t need to splash out on pricey foundation so long as you are using a soft, high quality brush apply and blend.

For years I have been using MAC’s Stippling brush along with a Sigma flat foundation brush but over the course of two years they have lost some of the hairs and have waned in quality.

I decided to finally get rid of them and seek something a little more cost effective so I picked up Real Techniques 
Foundation and Stippling Brush.

The brushes are designed by make up artist Samantha Chapman, a good endorsement given the fact that she is a former member of the MAC pro team and has since worked with a rake of celebrities.

Foundation brush: 

The foundation brush is used to apply a base layer so I am generally picky about the texture and shape. Real Techniques gets full marks here are it is light, almost silky and most importantly it is angled. The fact that the brush is angled rather than round simply means that you can taper your jaw line easily and more naturally.
Real Techniques angled base brush

Real Techiques Foundation Brush Review.

I use Vichy Dermablend as base and I found that it was a little too slick with the soft brush on the first use, however the more I use it, the smoother the application. This is definitely the best flat brush I have ever used; it doesn’t leave lines it, aids quick application and isn’t harsh on the skin.

Stippling Brush: 

The Stippling brush is a wonderful finishing tool. At the moment I use Revlon Colour Stay  as a finish and despite its thick consistency this brush gave it a light, airbrush effect.

Real Technique Stippling Brush

As promised by Real Techniques the stippling brush erases imperfections; although I use corrective foundation as a base the difference on applying another layer with this brush can clearly be seen. Light, round brush strokes moving only the white fibres blends in with the base layer perfectly to hide redness, dark circles and to blend in with the natural contours of your face.

Real Technique Brush Review. Real Technique Brush Review

What I find, as a pale skinned girl, is that the stippling brush helps to add a little more life to the foundation. Quite often when applying a pale pigment foundation the wearer can look quite washed out but the light application using this brush has the opposite effect.

These brushes will certainly become a staple in my collection of make-up tools and they come highly recommended to anyone still hunting for the perfect brushes at purse-friendly price. They create a fresh and natural look; isn’t that what we’re all going for anyway?

I bought the brushes in Boots, however you can get them at a lower price from Cloud 10 Beauty.


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