Style: Sol Republic Headphones Review

Headphones have made a comeback; not just for their sound quality but also for their style.

Sol Republic are the latest headphones to hit the Irish market and they trump their competitors in both image and sound quality.

For the image conscious these headphones have interchangeable headbands so if it’s not feeling like a ‘Silver’ day, you can easily switch things up.

The sleek design is definitely a strong selling point. The ear pieces, headband and wire come separately, allowing for interchangeability.  What’s more is, they are so easy to put together, just make slot the ear pieces on to the band, click the jacks into the ear pieces and you are literally ready to rock.

Sol Republic Head phones review

Sol Republic Headphones Ireland

Made particularly for phones, they have a button that hires and lowers volume on them and one which answers calls; handy. They are also ‘Virtually indestructable’ with a flexible design so they can’t snap.

Sol Republic Headphones IrelandSol Republic Headphones Ireland

Now, down to what the music fans want to know about; the sound quality. Bass is an important factor of how the music sounds coming from any device. Think of when you have an iPod playing without earphones; the lack of bass renders it tinny and unpleasant. The Sol Republic Headphones have an incredible level of bass and clarity of sound. Overall the quality is so impressive and crisp that it feels as though you could be sitting in the recording studio.

Sol Republic Ireland

If you’re going to rock a pair of headphones, these should be the first ones you look at. Untainted by garish endorsements and obscene fashionable popularity as its main competitor, Sol Republic is certainly the music lovers’ headphone. Unbeatable quality and a very strong unique selling point in its inter-changeable design.

You can buy Sol Republic Headphones in Harvey Norman where they retail between €99-129 and where you can also purchase some alternative headbands.


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