Music Review: Saint John The Gambler- Five Miles to Vaudeville

Saint John The GamblerDublin based band Saint John The Gambler release ‘Five Miles to Vaudeville’ earlier this month to a decidedly small ripple from the media.

This isn’t surprising as the gypsy-swing band are far from what the masses are crying for in terms of musical style.

This unique outfit a luring and entangled album consisting of 12 songs that stretch evenly across multiple genres and decades.

‘Five Miles to Vaudeville’ is striking from the outset  with I Got A Demon. Setting things up as they mean to go on with a raw, country-esque tone in the song writing this grassy number.

It continues with Vaudeville Rag  a snappy number that lives up to the genre ‘Gypsy Swing’. If there is any doubt in your mind as to what exactly that genre sounds like, this song paints a pretty impressive picture.

Highlights of the album include the delightful Lemonade Man which is heart swellingly catchy. The drum beats and violins still the show throughout this track rendering it utterly lovable. Fire Station Blues, on the other hand, lives up to the same quality standards but with an entirely different feel to it. This recalls The White Stripes, pre-White Blood Cells, with a punchy blues riff and desolate vocals.

This album is a blissful cacophony of string, brass and vocal rendering it an utterly addictive listen.  This isn’t one of those albums you expect to storm the charts; it’s too unique and well crafted for that.


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