Music Review: Featuring X- Featuring X EP

Featuring X EP review. Featuring X have been gigging quite extensively over the past few months, building a fair reputation for themselves.

The all-girl quintet are soon to release their début, self-titled EP and it is quite an exciting listen.

Without drawing too much attention to the girls’ youth, it is hard to ignore the fact five teenagers have created these wonderful songs.

The three track album is a glimpse into what the band will have to offer in the future.

It opens on Jekyll & Hyde; a pestering, fast paced track, a good introduction to the short EP. This a strong pop-rock song melding a rather cutesy sound with frustrated lyrics; the theme of which you can guess from the title.

The Boat follows offering some raw emotion delivered though punchy, emotive vocals courtesy of Niamh Sharkey and expertly picked guitar riffs from lead guitarist Dara Farrelly.

The final is song is without a doubt the strongest, most mature sounding track on the EP. It begins with an Arctic Monkeys style riff and gradually develops into a sound of their own. Again, Sharkey’s vocals are incredibly strong and evocative, lending to the already lurking atmosphere of the song. The musicianship on this track is outstanding, not least of all the drumming skills of Jenny McKeown. The rumbling, thundering drum sequences in this song are more akin to a drumming veteran, not someone just starting their musical career.

Judging by this EP Featuring X are going to be one to  watch in the coming years; they are evidently talented and hardworking, both of which will pay off if maintained. The EP is a whirlwind of pop infused rock with an underlying malcontent. If this EP is an insight into what is to come from Featuring X, they are something to get excited about.

The EP is out in June but below is a little taster of what it has to offer.


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