Dublin Gems: The BakeHouse, Bachelor’s Walk

Every month, I will present to you what I consider to be a gem in Dublin; in or out of the city. One thing is guaranteed about these posts, due to my love of finding new, yummy places to eat, a lot of the gems will be food related so it is fitting to begin with a wonderful café on Bachelor’s Walk.

The Gem

The BakeHouse, on Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1, certainly isn’t new; it will celebrate two years in business this summer, however it  doesn’t seem to be as bigged up as many of it’s counterparts. I honestly can’t think why.

The Bakehouse, Dublin

Who’ll like it?

  • Anyone who appreciates a good sandwich.
  • Those bored with the usual lunch venues.
  • Fans of Cake.
  • Tourists wanting to experience some genuine Irish food.

The selling Point: Honestly?  All of it.

This wonderful little place has a homely air about it and while it doesn’t offer you run-of-the-mill ham and tomato sambos, it also doesn’t attempt to be in anyway pretentious with what it has to offer.

It’s a ‘mammy’s kitchen’ type café with a cosy decor. The atmosphere is cheery; you are greeted with a warm smile every time you go in, even when it’s busy.

They serve hearty sandwiches and filled baked potatoes that your mam would have whipped up when you were a child. The cakes and breads are also a must try. If you haven’t got time to sit in and eat a sandwich, pop your head in and get a loaf of bread or a scone to takeaway you will most certainly not regret it.

What is extra special about this place is that it is one of the few places around Dublin city that serves stews and coddle.

Cakes in the Bakehouse

I visited for the first time last week at lunch time with a good friend of mine. What sold it for me was his vow that they “do really nice tea”. Tea, in my opinion, is never nice in a café; it’s usually, what my grandmother would have called, ‘like Parnell’s Pooly’. In non-old Dublin speak that means, well I’m sure you could guess.

The tea is loose leaf (they give you a strainer) making it possibly the freshest, tastiest tea I have had outside my own or someone else’s home.

The sandwich, served on a wooden board, was delicious. If you are ordering a sandwich order it with Doorstep bread; it is thick, fresh and doughy, absolute perfection. It could very well have been one of the most tasty chicken sandwiches I ever had the joy of eating; satisfying and taste bud tingling.

The bakehouse in Dublin

There are a lot of places to choose from in the city however we tend to migrate towards the old reliable places; the fast food restaurants, bagel bars, mainstay cafés like the much loved “Ann’s”. Let’s face it these places are often dull and not very enjoyable or filling.

If you’re tired of eating boring bagels and just want good, wholesome food to fill your tummy and treat your taste buds you must pay a visit to the bakehouse. You will be hard pressed to find a less rushed or a more efficient and friendly service in the city.


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