Music Preview: NuMu Promotions Presents EARGASM- The Pint April 20th.

For the new kid on the block Numu Promotions certainly has a decent roster of bands. With the enviably talented youngsters Featuring X being particularly interesting they also work with bands such as Val Normal, RadioActive Grandma and Kodakid. 

They are celebrating 6 months in business with a full evening of independent music goodness in The Pint on April 20th. The venue, which was recently revamped, will play host to some of the most noteworthy Irish acts available.

“Eargasm” will, as you might assume, provide 8 and a half hours of aural pleasure including hip-hop, rock and traditional music. It all kicks off at 7pm and will take you through to the wee hours of the morning.

The best bit? It’s free. This looks set to be a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night, so make sure it’s in your calender.

The line up is as follows:


Possibly Intoxicated Gents

Featuring X

Val Normal


She’s a Beauty

The Rattling Kind

Jack Ryan

Icarus Rising

Dave Peyton and Friends of Chuck 

NuMu Promotions Presents Eargasm


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