Beauty: L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC cream Review

A few months back a new “revolution” in cosmetics began popping up on all the beauty blogs: CC creams.

These creams claim to be “Colour Correctors” and L’Oreal Paris have released 3 different kinds for three different skin problems; Redness (green), Fatigue (orange) and Dullness (purple).

March was an incredibly stressful month for me and it took it’s toll on my skin; I have blemishes that won’t go away, a dry t-zone and dull skin so at this stage I will try anything that claims it can make it look better.

I opted for the fatigue Nude Magique CC Cream, hoping it would add a little life to my troubled skin. When applied to the skin, initially it is incredibly orange but it contains pigment capsules that burst and they claim that these create a more natural look and liven tired skin.

I used this product three times before putting my thoughts on paper, so to speak. The first time I used it I put it under my eyes in the hope it would neutralise the grey colour and add some brightness. I then put my ordinary foundation over it and the verdict; despite using minimum amount and blending for a couple of minutes, the orange shade wouldn’t disappear, and when I used it on my face the second and third times it was visible under my foundation and made my skin tone uneven.

As you can see in the pictures below, it doesn’t suit pale skin at all and I was left a little disappointed in the product having spent €14.99 on it. I have since heard good things about the anti redness CC cream by the same brand, however if you look at this blog  you’ll see that even when blended, it is still a little orange. It would be fair to say that L’Oreal’s CC creams are not ideal for the paler among us. I asked my mam, who has much darker skin than me, to try it out and she though it was ok; it certainly blended better into her skin than mine but she didn’t think it was worth the cost. I would be inclined to agree; while L’Oreal promise that the product will restore a glow to your complexion, it doesn’t mention any comparisons to an amber traffic light.

Nude Magique Anti fatique Review. CC Cream Review.

Antifatigue CC Cream Review

Although redness is a more ongoing problem for my skin, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy the green CC cream from L’Oreal. Green, purple and orange concealers are nothing new, I’m a fan of the green Gosh concealer, and although the bursting capsules do indeed tone the colour down, there is an unsettling feeling that this is all a bit of a gimmick; disappointing from a usually impressive brand.


2 thoughts on “Beauty: L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC cream Review

  1. I tried their BB cream, I was conned into it because it changed colour hah, but it was the same; useless. Strange that it’s so hard to find good pale makeup in pasty Ireland

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