Music Review: PYYRAMIDS – Brightest Darkest Day

BRIGHTEST DARKEST DAY REVIEW PYYRAMIDS is a musical partnership between Tim Nordwind, former choreographer and occasional band member with OK Go, and Drea Smith, previously of He Say She Say. Given their Curriculum Vitae there is great potential for this duo to create phenomenal magic.

Début effort ‘Brightest Darkest Day’ is an enjoyable album, however it does not reach the highest of plausible heights.

There are bursts of ethereal moments throughout the album. The stand out example of this is Do You Think You’re Enough?; a rocking tune with a strong, strutting guitar; it is a simple affair made for the dance floor.

Possibly the best track on the album is Invisible  Scream. The distorted guitar and crashing drums all culminate in an organismic finale with apathetic vocals drawling over the track. It’s polar opposite and equally catchy song is Don’t Go.  This track oozes with sophistication in the form of a tightly knitted rhythm section and sleekly multi-tracked vocals. It takes the band away from the heavy rock-club-night anthems to a much more even-levelled place.

From the strongest tracks to the weakest, Smoke and Mirrors is uninspiring and doesn’t match well the storming tracks mentioned already. The repetitive guitar teases a build up that never happens and it had this blogger hovering over the skip button.

The word ‘potential’ circles the mind when listening to this album. The stronger songs depict a band that is arty yet focused and hard working, yet the weak tracks make it a bit sloppy and dull. The duo are evidently willing to experiment and their talent is obvious however perhaps a little more bravery from them and this album could have been a masterpiece. Tame at moments, with the catchy, thumping tracks it is still an album worth listening to.


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