Beauty: Liverpool Beauty Booty Featuring Sleek, 2True, Accessorize Make Up and MUA

Some of you may already know that I hightailed it over to the fantastic city that is Liverpool for some relaxation, some frivolity and yes, some shopping.

One thing on my agenda was to try out some of the affordable UK based make up brands so I hit Superdrug in Liverpool and dropped about £32 on some treats for myself. The price difference in the UK is astonishing by comparison to our “rip off republic” especially when you consider value for money. Some of these products are top-class quality and it is such as shame that they are not available to buy from Dublin stores.

2True Be clear Concealer – Three items for £5

I’m not a fan of concealers; I find the shades never match even if they are the same brand and they often cake on the blemish but I thought I would give this concealer a try. It claims to have antibacterial and conditioning properties with Vitamin E and the feint scent of Tea Tree was a selling point for someone currently suffering a breakout. As an unbeliever in concealer I found this product to be great. It blends with my shade of foundation well and although it it doesn’t obliterate redness it certainly calms it down. I have also noticed having used it for a few days now that the blemishes on my face have a much less angry appearance than previously so the Tea Tree must be having an effect on it. It is a great go-to item to have and it’s conditioning properties mean that you are not making your breakout worse by putting a concealer that will only add to the problem. (7/10)

2True Twist and Line Eye definer (Gold) – Three items for £5

This product didn’t win me over as much as the concealer. It is not as slick and obvious as I would have liked or expected but because of the price of all three 2True products I wasn’t exactly put out by it. It adds a light shimmer to the edge of the eye, rather than definition however it goes on easily and I would like to see if a dark shade would live up to the “definer” promise. (2/10)

2True effortless eyeliner pen (Black) – Three items for £5

As I said in a previous post; I love eyeliner. It’s my “won’t leave the house without” product and I like when I come across a product like this; cheap and effective! The thin point on the brush means you can get close to the lash line for a subtle line and neat flick, or you can use the middle of the nib for a thicker, more dramatic line. The best part is that is absolutely does not budge and, even for my sensitive skin, it didn’t sting which is a testament as even some of the more expensive eyeliners sting my eyelids. While I won’t be reaching for the eye definer again I can see this pen becoming a regular part of my make up routine. (10/10)

2 True Eye pen and MUA eye Palette

2 True eyeliner pen with MUA undress me too eye palette

MUA Mosaic Blush (£2.50)

I’m very picky about blush; I either want a natural flushed look or a 1940’s pin up glow and this product manages to find a nice medium between the two. With lilac tones blended with various shades of pink  it has the perfect colour and tone for pale skin. It brushes and blends easily and it has potentially replaced Revlon’s Matte Blush as my favourite however the shade is very light so if you want it to be noticeable you’ll have to go to work a bit on it . (7/10)

MUA Mosaic Blush

MUA Mosaic Blush

MUA Undress Me Too Eye Palette (£3.00)

I am a rarity in that I don’t like Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. I found them to be a nightmare to blend and even worse to take off even with a decent eye make up remover. I couldn’t resist trying this cheaply priced dupe and I couldn’t have been more surprised. The colours are subtle and easily mixed and matched and there is a wide enough selection of matte and shimmer to bring you from day to night. Most importantly it blends so much better than the Naked Palettes and although it stays in place without a primer, no scrubbing is needed to remove it at the end of the day. The only thing missing is a brush to go with the two ended sponge applicator but that doesn’t take away from how brilliant this product is and at a fraction of the price of its inspiration. (9/10)

MUA Undress me too eye palette

MUA Undress me too eye palette

Day time look with MUA undress me too eye palette.

Day time look with MUA undress me too eye palette and 2 True Eyeliner Pen

Sleek Brow Kit (£8.49)

Another product that disappointed me in recent months was Benefit’s Brow Kit.  I felt that it didn’t fill or define enough as the price suggests it should. Sleek Make Up’s kit in “Dark” is a superior and cheaper alternative. With a mini tweezers , shaping wax, setting power and angle and blending brushes it has the whole hog for next to nothing. I ave never gotten so many compliments as I have in the past few days using this handy kit. No more eyebrow pencils for me- this is a must have! (10/10)

Sleek Brow Kit

Sleek Brow Kit

Sleek Brow Kit

Sleek Brow Kit

Accessorize merged eyeshadow golden caramel (£3.50)

The only reason this brand caught my eye was because of the recent news that Monsoon Accersorize would be pulling out of Ireland.  Easily applied, shimmering and with a hint of colour, it is perfectly understated. Not the most “wow” eyeshadow I have ever used but the marble effect adds a multitude of tones which are highlighted in different lights. It’s a fun product that can easily be used with other eyeshadows. It comes in a range of different shades however this seems to be the most modest in tone. (6/10)

Accesorize Marbled eye shadow in Carmel

Accesorize Marbled eye shadow in Carmel

Accessorize Marble eye shadow with Mac liquid eyeliner in boot black.

Accessorize Marble eye shadow with Mac liquid eyeliner in boot black.

Accessorize Face Powder Translucent (£5.00)

On the first beauty post I put up I gushed about Art Deco’s compact face powder and yes I still love it, however it seriously hurts the pocket. At €30 a pop for a product that gets daily use, it really is a bit steep because I have to buy it every couple of months. I remained loyal to it because I haven’t found one as good for pale skin, however when I saw how pretty the casing is for Accessorize powder I had to buy- sometimes for a girl the packaging is everything! Thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly given the price, the packaging was not the only good thing about this product. It is just as good as the ArtDeco powder in terms of it’s smoothing qualities and the pale tone. It is long last and also calms any redness that still may appear after applying your foundation. What’s more is, the casing comes complete with a handy little plastic dish to rest your sponge before closing it, thus protecting your mirror- very handy. I love this product and will certainly be buying it online again! (10/10)

Accessorize Translucent Face Powder

Accessorize Translucent Face Powder

Open Case complete with handy little sponge dish :)

Open Case complete with handy little sponge dish 🙂



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