Music Review: Vickers Vimy- Vol.1 That Vinyl Scratch

Vickers Vimy album ReviewGalway based five-piece Vickers Vimy appear to be fascinated with the past. Their name (the first plane to fly with out stopping across the atlantic) their album title, ‘Vol .1 That Vinyl Scratch’ and their sound all nod towards things of time gone band.

The album is folk focused and relaxing collection of songs; shed of any effects or embellishments that music traditionalists consider a spoil on a good tune.

From the outset this is a chilled out offering with a laid back air about the guitar and the soft vocal stylings of Ed Drea, lead vocalist. The opening track Late For Years  sets the tone the entire album. The steady flow set up this track makes this album a lovable one. There is no need for Vickers Vimy to experiment or stray from the path they have set.

One track that stands out among them all is Deveil on your back. It maintains the easy tones of the previous tracks with a strong, uplifting chorus. The piano and banjo interlude sets it of, ensuring that they’re old-fashioned sound is kept solid in this slight veer from the pattern. Old Fashion Lover continues the nostalgic trend with a more up-tempo number. This could be a forgotten song on the 1950s with an all-consuming piano lead and concise and to the point lyrics.

This album is a feast for the ears with a strong folk inspiration and a welcome but subtle homage to music artists of the past. It is simplified and beautiful. This back to basics album is sure to get Vickers Vimy some attention.


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