Music Review: The Terriers – Girl, I’m Gon’ Do Right By You EP

If there is one way to this blogger’s heart it’s by making a musical racket. That is something Terriers do with their new EP ‘Girl, I’m Gon’ Do Right By You’.

The Terriers- Girl, I'm gon to right by youKeeping company with the likes of Windings, this band, although in the infancy of their career, have already enjoyed an accumulation of a strong following thanks to their high octane performances. It must have been a daunting task when creating their début EP, to cram all of that live energy into a recording.

They make a good effort of it in this EP which has four thrashing and inspiring tracks. The highlight of the EP is, arguably, I Beat Him Before, I Beat Him Again; a “me against the world” style song with an archetypal rock twist.

There are two things you can say about this EP; it’s loud and it’s fast. Although it is not an enrapturing masterpiece, it gives a good taste of what could potentially come of this band. Despite the rather cheesy  cover and EP title, it is a full-energy, exciting small collection of enjoyable songs.

You can listen to the EP yourself here. 

You may not fall in love with a girl to it, despite what the image on the cover might suggest, but there’s plenty to enjoy here. To be played as ear-piercing levels. Download the EP here.


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