Style: Swop your unloved gear for pre-loved threads

If you are anything like this blogger, not only do you hoard clothes, you probably buy them and never wear them.

Last year I came across the retail delight that is Temple Bar’s Swopshop, located in the Crow Street Bazaar and run by the wonderful Adéle Geoghegan.

This is a shopping addicts dream. It gives you the chance to swop those dresses, bags and shoes you never wore, or wore only once, for something you truly want to add to your wardrobe.

It’s simple. Just load up a bag of your unloved clothing and they are given a label of worth depending on the quality. The labels added to them range from designer high to high street basic; the better the quality, the cheaper your swaps will be. You can get High Street tops, jeans, dresses and shoes for as little as €4 in some cases, as I did with a black ’20s style flapper dress (Ax Paris, €4 for a high street high product).

It is literally the most fun you will have shopping; wading through rails of beautiful clothes and chatting to Adéle, who genuinely makes an effort to get to know her customers. The best part is you literally never know what you are going to find. On my most recent trip to The Swopshop, as well as a couple of nice tops for work my fun-to-wear flapper dress, I got a stunning 1950’s style halter, yet to be worn. I couldn’t get a picture that did it justice without putting it on and finding a amateur photographer post-haste. It is a cream dress with bold pink and black floral designs and a fabulous net under skirt that gives it that genuine 1950s look. It cost only €14 and the original cost was €139. How do I know? The tag is still on it! You will hardly find that kind of a bargain anywhere else.

Of course I couldn’t write a post about the Swopshop with out revealing my favourite purchase from the store. I was looking for a ’50s style wiggle dress but one that the bank balance could stretch to. On a whim I added a red wiggle dress to the “wish list” on the shop’s Facebook page and low and behold it was in the shop within days. This Stop Staring wiggle dress only cost me €14 and it was hardly worn; although I’ve only worn it once since I purchased it, it most certainly will not be hanging on the rails of The SwopShop again! My favourite part of the dress is the black button detailing and the open pleat at the end (side note- not the most flattering nor willing photograph of me ever taken!).

Stop Staring Wiggle Dress

Stop Staring Wiggle Dress

If you are looking for a wardrobe refurb, The SwopShop comes highly recommended. It is a shopping experience like no other and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. And it’s not just for women; the last time I paid a visit Adéle was showing me some brilliant men’s leather gear so, boys, get you Hilfigers and your Ben Shermans out!

Visit the shop’s Facebook page and see what you can swap your unwanted clothes for.


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