Film: Jameson Dublin International Film Festival Opening Gala- Broken

Jameson Dublin Film Festival Gala

Pardon the shoddy photography skills but above you see part of the team behind the film Broken which was screened at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) last night.

The event certainly felt incredibly special with Director Rufus Norris, Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy in attendance. Not only that but Murphy presented Roth with a Volta for his contribution to film.

The film itself? Expertly directed and edited, this is film will stay embedded in your memory, leaving you with a heavy heart.

The story of a small but troublesome cul de sac is delivered by moving performances from Roth, a busy but affectionate father, and newcomer Eloise Laurence, playing his curious and kind-hearted daughter.

It is a film rich in poignant moment and underlying social commentary showing the divide between Archie’s (Roth) well rounded yet somewhat broken family, the older Buckley family, and the troublesome Oswalds.

The show is most certainly stolen by Laurence who comes across as a natural performer in this film. She depicts the character of Skunk in such a way that manipulates viewers into becoming emotional invested in her story. Skunk is the fulcrum of all events that occur among the three main families, largely as a result of her friendly, good-natured yet hardy personality. She is as naive as any young girl is, however her lifelong diabetes condition and her mother’s abandonment of the family have instilled her a cynicism and wariness.

Broken will have you reeling with myriad emotions as the drama is often softened with humour. With an intense build up to a relieving climax, it was the perfect melodramatic beginning for what will surely be an entertaining and momentous festival in 2013.

Keep an eye on the blog for more posts about JDIFF over the next two weeks.



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