Comedy Review: Michael Winslow at Whelan’s 03-02-13

Michael Winslow DublinA comedy review is not something you will see often on this blog, however given the chance to see and review Police Academy’s Michael Winslow, the opportunity could hardly be passed.

What made Winslow’s show so unavoidable to this writer, accustomed to music, was his incorporation of many classic rock artists into his clamorous comedy show. If you are unfamiliar with the comedian’s live show there is one thing you need to know; not only does he make noises he has a genuine , thirsty passion for them.

His unique talent was lapped up by an awestruck audience as he explained the fun he could have on a Ryanair flight, annoying the flight attendants with his noise making. His talent is truly boundless; the man of 10,000 noises isn’t restricted to noises that fill our daily lives and he proceeded to impress throughout the short set. Whether it was reenacting an entire scene from Star Wars to absolute perfection or showing us what it would be like if Snoop Dogg (pardon me, Snoop Lion now, is it?) teamed up with Disney, he had the entire crowd in convulsions of laughter.

While all of his noisy reenactments were highly entertaining, his ability to be a guitar was simply confounding. We got bursts of this throughout with the comedian ‘flicking through the radio stations’ and finishing with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock but what stole the show was his rendition of Whole Lotta Love  by Led Zeppelin. Complete with blonde wig. It was difficult to believe that the noise he was making was coming from him and not a guitarist hidden somewhere in the back. And as for the vocals? Well, the budget must have stretched exceedingly for that one piece because you could be almost certain that Robert Plant was behind the stage curtain.

If you haven’t seen Michael Winslow before it should go on your bucket list because his performance at Whelan’s was boundless, clean-cut and genuinely astounding. One of the most enjoyable shows you will ever attend but it leaves a question in your mind: How on earth did he even discover this talent?


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