Style: Pandora Collection SS13

The lovely people of Pandora and Burrell PR hosted a wonderful launch evening to celebrate their upcoming collections yesterday evening in Dublin city’s Radisson Blu.

Pandora fans will have a lot to be excited about with a new Mother’s day range launching on February 15th. This is a quaint selection of “mother” and “grandmother” pendant charms and blue-green stones which will please any charm-loving mother.  There is also an adorable rabbit charm being released in this collection as Easter approaches.

Pandora Charms new collection


The most exciting range is the Fairytale collection. Although the name might conjure up associations with young Disney-Obsessed children with a selection of princess dress-up costumes, honestly, every woman in the room sighed with joy when they saw the new charms. With crowns, castles and most excitingly little frogs with golden crowns, this is every girl’s, regardless of age, dream charm collection.

Pandora Fairytale collection


The charm jewellers will also be releasing a range of new rings, necklaces and bracelets. M & E is especially loving the multi-chain charm bracelet below.

New Pandora Collection

Even more exciting news from the Pandora camp is their sponsorship of the Girls Aloud comeback tour. Each member of the group designed their own bracelet with ready-made charms and room for more. They will be released in March.

Pandora Wishlists at the ready, this is going to be an exciting season during which you will feel compelled to add to your collection. Make room for frogs, bunnies, mini-fans, little mirrors and intricate designs. Forever reinventing the charm-bracelet concept, this could possibly be Pandora’s prettiest and most feminine collection to date.



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