Music Review: Tommie Kelly – Four Fifty Eight EP.

Four Fifty EightMulti-talented people, eh? They leave you lost in a purgatory of emotions. You want to appreciate their talent but why do they have to be so good at so many things?

This is exactly the situation in which you will find yourself upon listening to Tommie Kelly‘s new EP, ‘Four Fifty Eight’. It has been 12 years since Kelly released his first solo album and he filled that time designing underground comic Road CrewBitten by the music bug again, Kelly released the five track EP mid-January.

Kelly proves himself to be an artist of many kinds with this album as he turns what could easily have been a collection of run-of-the-mill songs into something much more enjoyable. From the outset we can hear elements of electronics in Down which is an excellent touch to a tried and tested format. Further down the track list we can enjoy hints of Rhythm and Groove in Better Man and Probably not your thing. 

What is most refreshing about this album is Kelly’s clever song writing.  He can be very tongue in cheek and his anti-commercialism shines through from time to time. This most notably comes to our attention in the catchy number No Hit Wonder. Arguably, this is the best song on the EP. Although all five are enjoyable this one has an element of bitterness which is overridden by a delectable rhythm and dark humour.

If you can bear the seething envy bubbling inside you, you should check out this EP. It truly is a small concoction of delightful musings and raw talent. The non-conformist Kelly has further endeared himself to the music fan by allowing you to CHOOSE how much you pay for it. All you have to do is visit his website and pay what you want. While you’re there be sure to check out his portfolio too.


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