Comedy Preview: Michael Winslow at Whelan’s February 3rd

Michael Winslow Dublin showAny fans of The Police Academy will remember Michael Winslow, ‘The Man of 10,000 noises’, as the joyful sound effect man who, in retrospect, made the films what they were. One of the very first franchises to be destroyed by an overkill of sequels, Winslow’s uncanny impression of an air raid siren was always welcome. He is coming to Dublin this weekend as he takes his unique talent to Whelan’s in Dublin.
This comedy gig comes highly recommended as a way to spend your Sunday evening in a way you are not likely to have spent it before- watching a man pretend to be a car alarm. If that idea doesn’t convince you, perhaps consider his phenomenal performance of Whole Lotta Love? It puts any band to shame. Why buy an instrument when you can imitate them?

This man has an incredible and embraceable talent which never fails to put a smile on an Audience’s face. If you want to laugh away your January Blues on the first week of February, you will not want to miss this.

where:Whelan’s, Wexford St.
When: 3rd of February, Doors 8pm.


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