Review | The VirginMarys – King of Conflict

King of concrete reviewThere is an awesome album coming out February 4th. This is your advanced warning.

The Virginmarys are a three-piece UK based band that have been around for sometime, however ‘King of Conflict’ is their first official studio album.

The powerful trio have an incredibly unique style which makes the album an exciting listen. As with many great rock albums the band, as a collective of talented performers, makes the album what it is, not the production.

The first thing that stands out about this album is Ally Dickaty’s intense, wailing vocal style, akin to the strong front men of the ’80s and ’90s. His voice howls sidle seamlessly alongside the attention grabbing power chords, courtesy of Matt Rose, and very intricate drum skills from Danny Dolan.

The album begins with Dead Man’s Shoes. The lead single off the album is a catchy one with an ear-worm of a guitar riff that will stay with you for hours. We are given a taste of Brit-pop-inspired goodness with Dressed to Kill which is doused with clever, biting lyrics.

The way in which this band can combine a range of different sounds makes the album all the more lovable. With Lost Weekend incorporating a fantastic rhythm, good enough to get you dancing, while You’ve got Money, I’ve got Soul is given the working class blues treatment.  Both of these display the musical synergy between each band member. It’s almost as if they were born to play together.

Overall, this is a compelling, out and out  rock album that will surely see them earn the respect and acknowledgement they deserve.


6 thoughts on “Review | The VirginMarys – King of Conflict

  1. Great review! Ive been in love with their music ever since i got to see them live at CMJ last year. Their acoustic cover is amazing too. Im still in shock that they are giving away frre downloads of their 3 track EP. Check it out on their official website:

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