Feature: Favourites of 2012

jigsaw-murdersOk, so it’s that time of year when music websites and blog begin listing their favourite songs and albums of the year. Golden Plec have already started off their favourites with their top 20 Irish and International songs of 2012 so I guess it’s my turn.

It has been an incredibly busy and exciting year for this blog. I have been blown away by many bands and artists this year, both already in existence and new. In no particular order, here are my favourites of 2012:

Crow Black Chicken

Crow Black Chicken’s début album ‘Electric Soup’ is a gritty cacophony of blues tunes. As well as their recorded talent they are phenomenal live and were generous enough to headline Dublin Rocks for Irish Autism in Whelan’s in October. They are unlike any other band in Ireland at the moment.

The Radioactive Grandma

Proving that Cavan’s got talent, this band have been ascending through the ranks in 2012 headlining a number of gigs and releasing their Début album. This rocked out, minimalistic band are a joy to listen to.


This band have been dishing out the charming songs like there is no tomorrow in the latter half of 2012. With the hit All I Want making grown men cry and even being featured on Greys Anatomy, the only was up for this Swords band. 2013 will surely be their year.


Punk-lite is how this music blogger would describe KNOTS. They are entertaining recorded, but live, they seriously know how to rock out. Check this band out when you have the chance.

Mama Kaz

Inspired by the likes of Janis Joplin, this smokey voiced vixen has got it goin’ on. Her music is heartwrenchingly beautiful and although short, the ‘Lipstick and Cocaine’ EP is a compelling listen. A fantastic story teller through music; something which the industry most certainly needs.

The Jigsaw Murders

Certainly an underrated band, these guys are a modern band with a punky twist; something which seems to have made a come back as of late.


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