EP: Mama Kaz- Lipstick and Cocaine.

Mama Kaz- Lipstick & CocaineMama Kaz’s EP ‘Lipstick and Cocaine’ was released in earlier this year and was met with interest from Musicians Together and Acoustic Review NI. Regrettably, however, the EP hasn’t received much attention south of the border despite this being a short and bitter-sweet collection of songs.

With just three songs ‘Lipstick and Cocaine’ still manages to allow the listener to become absorbed in the lamenting lyrics, husky vocals and soulful acoustics. Surviving is a very raw song, soaked in heart ache and it comes through stunningly in Kaz’s strong vocals which are comparable to that of the enigmatic Janis Joplin. Don’t You Know is song which probably ties in easily with Surviving. Another song that seems to be accepting of the end of relationship; the ideal break up song. It becomes chilling about half way through when the key changes and Kaz’s poignant vocals truly hit you. The highlight of this EP is the song which lends its name to the EP.

Lipstick and Cocaine is a wonderful song starting off with a simple guitar riff and Kaz’s emotion ridden voice echoing over the music. It leads up to a wonderful guitar solo with a haunting repetitive canticle of ‘lipstick and cocaine’. An ending that will stay with you, no doubt.

The most enchanting thing about this EP is Mama Kaz’s ability to tell a story within a song. There are no subterfuges or riddles; she is straightforward and honest in her lyrics and that enables the listener to engage with the music in a way that is very rare. Mama Kaz may be from Belfast but her soul and inspiration lies elsewhere in a soulful, less convention strangled era. If there is any justice in the musical world this lady will be getting heaps on international praise upon the release of her album.


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