Album: K.N.O.T.S – Velvet Mindset.

K.N.O.T.S are a relatively new band, having only formed at the beginning of the year. Their upcoming album, Velvet Mindset,  is a seamless follow up to their EP, Feel The Change, which was released during the summer.

The album will not doubt attract much more deserved attention towards this varied and impressive band. How could this not be the case with the likes of Smiley Face; an energetic number with vocals that could have come straight out of the ’90’s post-britpop era. It is one of those tracks that instantly garners your attention in a powerful, rocking way. It kicks the album off to apoplectic start, leaving doubts that they can continue in such a full-on manner. Marie instantly puts these doubts at bay with a punky riff and an incredible, emotional verse which contrasts greatly with the heavier parts on the song. The ability this band has to switch from style to style is phenomenal; they maintain a punk undertone but they aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit; as in Shy, one of the strongest songs on the album. Not only does this song manages to infuse delicate piano with utter rock, climaxing with a kick-ass guitar solo. KNOTS aren’t afraid to take on the heavy side of things as we hear in the morbidly named How to Hijack a Hearse; it is a throttling, anguish filled songs with a thumping drum sequence and poignant, wailing vocals- although it is the least conventional song on the album it is arguably the best. It showcases the band’s musicianship perfectly, the lead vocals are truly astounding and the lyrical quality is certainly something to talk about. The lyrics absorb you further into the song as they are match idyllically with the murky tones of the music. And so we go from their least conventional sounding song, to their most radio-friendly track, Feel The Change. It is a delicious pop song made for the airwaves and will attract even those most adverted to rock music.

Overall this album is, with no word of a lie, one of the strongest Irish albums of the year. It is an emotional rollercoaster, combining so many varying genres and melodies in one set of songs. It is astounding how they can stretch their abilities and their sound, making them unlike any other band on the Irish music scene at the moment.


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