EP: Entheos- Where Creatures Meet.

Entheos are not your average woe-stricken folk band; there are very much steeped in early ’90s grunge which is surprisingly complimentary of the country-esque sound.

‘Where Creatures Meet’ has four, rocked-up traditional sounding tracks. The most emotionally provocative song is the final track, a touching ballad called For You. It is a truly remarkable song with a lilting tone and beautiful lyrics. Opening track Tend the Dark Flame is an excellent example of what this band can do. The lead vocals and gravelly and a real treat to unsuspecting ears. You may assume, given the label of “folk” that they would not have such an abrasively brilliant sound. The Irish trad sound is complimented well by the lead vocals; making it unlike anything you have heard in recent times. Another interesting track on this EP is Hotel Bar; a grotty sounding song with a hint of uplifting violin. It is certainly an attention grabbing track with the obvious contrast between vocal and music.

The concept of grunging-up traditional Irish folk music is understandably jarring, but if this EP is anything to go by, it works. It combines two styles of music not likely to ever have been heard together in one song, let alone on one EP. It is refreshingly different.


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