EP: Wicker Bones- Concatenation

Wicker Bones are back with their second EP and it is decidedly more powerful than their first offer, ‘The Martry Sessions’. 

Their exciting new EP ‘Concatenation’ is a concoction of rock undertones with a good dose of Irish traditional music. There is definitely something special about this EP; these are a talented bunch of lads with a clear passion for music and their heritage and comes across in the most aurally pleasing way. There are a number songs on the EP that will both excite and perplex you, such as Red Iron Ore; A fantastic American folk song with which many listeners will not be familiar. They give this old tune a modern twist with layered vocals and a thunderous drum beat. It is hard to avoid likening what Wicker Bones do to traditional music to Damien Dempsey’s treatment of the same genre however it is easy to see that they are much more genuine. There is nothing forced about their accents or passion for the music. This is shown most prominently in Rocky Road to Dublin which was previously covered by Dempsey. There is a ferocity and virility in Wicker Bones’ version that makes it more believable and more individual than Dempsey’s.

It is clear from this EP that this band is not just another trad flash in the pan; they are the genuine article and should be embraced by anyone who has a love for the genre. They make it their own, as rightfully they, and any Irish person should. They seem proud of their musical heritage and are not afraid to add a little twist to it. It is truly an intriguing and fun listen; easily enjoyable by anyone, not just by fans of Traditional Irish Music. Hear it for yourself. 


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