Single: O Emperor – Electric Tongues / Erman Gou

O Emperor is a familiar name to Irish music fans and they have recently announced that they will be releasing a Double A-Side single Electric Tongues/ Erman Gou. Both of these songs were made to be heard on not-so-mainstream radio. There is something of The Villagers about Electric Tongues (before they shocked us with their most recent release) as it is very much centred around the building blocks of an atmospheric guitar riff. Erman Gou  is more “Art house” with a gentle approach to the music and what would appear to be a somewhat experimental touch to the lyrics which appear to be the rambling and continuous thoughts of a somewhat troubled protagonist.

O Emperor have every reason to be confident about this Double A-side affair once it is officially released on November 1st. It seems as though their career over the past few years have been developing these particular tracks; they are mature, salted with experience and musical talent.

Although not release for sometime you can listen to the songs here on the band’s bandcamp page. 


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