Album: The Shoos- Panic Slowly

If you have shown even the slightest interest in unsigned Irish music then you will have heard of The Shoos. Their new album was launched on the 7th of September and ‘Panic Slowly’ has thus far been met with a warm reception from music lovers across Social Media.

‘Panic Slowly’ is not the catchy indie-pop album you might expect from a ‘The’ band; it is more mature and well-grounded than the stereotypical indie-pop album. That is not to say that this band are incapable of creating a radio-friendly sing along number as proved by That’s what she does to me.  This song stands out on the album for no reason other than it’s painfully catchy chorus of “na-na-na’s” and lovestruck theme. Lead vocalist, known simply as Tex, has the ideal voice for a song like this; it sits well with the rock-backing music and easily delivers the popular-sentiment behind this delightful tune. Another stand out track on the album is Same As Me. It is a quite number, nonabrasive and inoffensive to the ears; a quaint rock song with an easy-to-relate-to meaning. It follows quite a basic but pleasant pattern; a quiet verse building up to a bridge laboured by an increasing speed in the drum beat culminating in a thudding chorus. As this album progresses one thing becomes apparent; this band know how to pull at your heart strings. Many of the tracks are driven by a lorn-full emotion; this, coupled with Tex’s deep and apparently emotionally strained vocal.

Timebomb is a good example of this combination coming together to make an immediately attention grabbing song. The lead vocals appear to reverb off the etheral guitar and tone setting drums making it one of those songs in which you can lose yourself. This kind of song seems to be a recurrence throughout the album; which is not by any means a bad thing; it is consistent rather than tedious. Opening track Say Something  could easily become an anthem for young music lovers with a fantastic rolling drum-pattern, youthful lyrics, catchy chorus and an air of recklessness; not to mention the Middle 8; segment made for a euphoric crowd to clap along to. The Shoos can “sexy” it up a bit; it’s not all pop guitar licks and sweetly mournful lyrics. Am What I am  begins as a tempered, lamenting track with a bass-line good enough to get your hips moving. This is were the vocals are shown for their true prowess, they gel well with the bluesy guitar, soulful backing vocals and foreboding lyrics. Arguably the best track on the album. There is a carelessness overridden by absolute insecurity in the song, disguised by the gyrating guitar and bass; bringing meaning to the title’Panic Slowly’. The album finishes on quite a beautiful song which is incomparable to any other song on the album. It is an “end of the night song” with bereft lyrics and one of the best choruses you will hear on any unsigned albums this year. There is something Gospel about this track with heart-lifting piano and a momentous, choir-like chorus. It is something you would be likely to hear at the end of an Adam Sandlar movie (when he was good.).

‘Panic Slowly’ is, quite simply, an album to fall in love with. While it may not be overly complicated, contain strong social messages or absolute instrument mastery, it is a soulful and comforting album with one of the most uplifting final songs you are likely to hear for the remainder of the year.


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