EP: The Thomas Donoghue Band- In The Meantime.

In The Meantime is the refreshing EP from Kilkenny based The Thomas Donoghue Band. Just three tracks is enough to showcase the talent of this band.

Opening track Solace is delivered in an archetypal modern Irish fashion; oaky guitar and a solid, husky, masculine voice. The song is submersed in aching sentiments, with a trudging verse, compliment by a more momentous, speedy chorus and finally a Celtic middle-8. The Sea  has a very American feel to it; it is the kind of song that you would expect to here from a southern acoustic rocker with a certain pleasant drawl in the vocals. The Irishness is maintained by a breaking in the singing; there is something very “into the west” about it. Undeniably, the highlight of this short EP is the final song; one would assume this was intentional as In The Meantime  leaves a lasting impression. It because with a soft, melancholy howl. It would appear that this is going to be another echoing, Gaelic tune, however as the song progresses it becomes the very opposite. A skillful acoustic guitar riff, clearly inspired by traditional Irish music, is combined with simply but grabbing piano to make a very powerful song. The chorus is particularly interesting; it seems to boom through the speakers and Donoghue’s vocals seem to be channeling Eddie Vedder  of Pearl Jame, strange considering this EP is anything but Grunge.

This is a simple EP; it is not overly spectacular, it does not have the warm, hugging sense about it that come from many Irish folk-inspired musical collections but it is steeped in sheer talent, excellent song writing ability and the potential for an astonishing album.


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