EP: Women’s Murder Club- Pop Music.

Women’s Murder Club are a Dublin based quintet with a sound so un-mainstream, it could very well end up being mainstream. Not likely to take the charts by storm, nor to appear on daytime radio, this band’s EP , ‘Pop Music’ is a true treat to the music lover’s ear.

The five track EP is composed of four dark yet pleasant-to-listen-to songs and a 2 minute + interlude. There is little bad to say about this EP; the songs are somewhat vintage. They recall the days of The Cure but with a modern twist similar to the sound of The Editors, a band which enjoyed mediocre success despite their brand of music being less than mainstream. LIP, which stands for Love is Pain, is especially akin to The Cure right down to the pessimistic and love-anguished lyrics. The pain that is apparent in the lyrics becomes all the more evocative through the beautiful and poignant string arrangement towards the end of the song; there is nothing like a high-pitched and melodious violin to get the message of heartache across. Heartache appears to be a recurrent theme, as in Gamewhere once again the lamenting lyrics are matched by ominous music; this time in the form of thumping drums and a deeper string arrangement. The song ends on a catchy, up-beat, plonking play out; you are defied not to tap your foot. Lead singer, Sean’s voice is the focal point in this number; it is unique, unlike any we have heard in recent years, particularly in the Irish music industry. His vocal talents are further displayed in Brunt. This is a moody, solemn affair in which the lead vocalist sways between a mature, almost Ian Curtis-like tone and an adolescent, love weary whine; both are surprisingly complimentary  and it makes listening to the track all the more enjoyable. Arguably the best song on the EP is Come in Again; a very ‘editors’ song, it is haunting and evokes a forlorn emotion; the kind that only be drawn out by a well crafted song . The musicianship is well structured and attention grabbing; this young bands’ ability to create a momentous-sounding, artistic track is astonishing and exciting.

They are what the Irish industry has been missing; we have such a fruitful collection of talented and varied artists ranging from dance, to punk, to ambient and back again, however there has yet to be a band that makes it’s mark and claims the “moody Irish band” label in the large sense of the phrase. That label could easily be owned by Women’s Murder Club, given time.

Check out the EP below.


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