EP: The Clap- Me Gusta El Clap.

The Clap impressed music fans as the opening performance on Goldenplec.com’s  Coast to Coast Tea and Toast tour across Ireland and they have since released their EP ‘Me Gusta El Clap’, a short but sweet three track EP that gives but a taster of this band’s talent.

Whiskey Rose depicts The Clap’s talent in a modest and soft way; it is a dark tale which stands for their lyrical talent which is not let down by the music in even the smallest way. It is catchy but the dark undertones of the track are not lost as a result. Opening track One Fell Out Of The Cuckoo’s Nest is a much more uplifting song with a wonderful overlay of piano and simply Beatles-esque drums. The second song on the EP shows that they can change it up a bit. It has a more rocked up feel to it and calls back to the days of the late 80’s and 90’s when rock was mainstream and have a glass-cut edge to it. Rev. Gun is a strong track from the other end of the spectrum emphasising their obvious abilities and musical flexibility.

A short but impressive EP acts as a teaser for what will no doubt be an interesting and growth-spurting career of The Clap. 

Claire Kane


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