Album: Eric McGrath- Little Ripples

Nothing makes you forget the rain like a delightful folk song and the latest kid on the folk-block is Eric McGrath with his début album ‘Little Ripples’.

The first thing you think following your first listen of this album is “that’s quite good” but the more you visit this tasteful collection of melodic music, periodically or otherwise, the more you realise it is a crafted selection of ear-worms that will stick with you as you go about your daily business.

The album is dripping with indie-vibes laced with a luscious Latin feel; something which is totally unique in the Irish music industry. It stands out among the army of solo male singers with acoustic guitars that have been circulating the Irish music industry for at least the last twelve years. Ripples with Waves is one of the immediately grabbing tracks on the album; not because it is overtly technical or lyrically profound, in fact because it is exactly the opposite. You can listen with ease to this positive track with straightforward and relevant lyrics with a weighty meaning; get out of bed, do your best and you’ll make a difference. It will no doubt become a “go-to” song for many of those who give the album a listen when they are feeling a little under the weather. Lets get curious is an other treat to the ears; a quintessential summer anthem and in Ireland, we might not get the weather but we can at least recall sunnier days with the help of this warm track. Undoubtedly the most touching track on the album is Abuelo, which is Spanish for Grandfather. It is delicately written and the personal tone is hard to ignore.

In short, the album is a gift to the ears. An interesting combination of Latin heat, country folk and a hint of jazz; It is the ideal summer soundtrack, what ever the weather.

Claire Kane


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