Single: Let’s Buy Happiness- Works Better On Paper.

The highlight of the 1st annual Camden Crawl Dublin was no doubt We are Scientists, having been the only world famous band to take to one of the many stages across Dublin City. However the beauty of the festival was the opportunity for music fans to come across new, praise worthy bands. Let’s Buy Happiness is a delightful band which played the Button Factory on the first day of the Camden Crawl. As the band moved their set the crowd enlarged; people seemed enthralled by their quaint charm and the naturalness of their performance.

Their forth-coming single,  Works Better on Paper, does justice to their live performance. It is a soft and pleasant affair which will have you begging for more from the UK band. Lead singer Sarah Hall’s voice introduces the song; her voice is distinguishable and heartwarming; it certainly is one of the most outstanding charms of the single. The musical arrangement is simple and quiet, making Hall’s vocals the main instrument of the song with the band utilising it’s preciousness in a similar way to how Yeah Yeah Yeah’s keep Karen O’s unusual voice to the forefront. The song itself is beautiful; a touchingly delicate and somewhat lamenting song with inoffensive and effective lyrics.

There are many UK and Ireland acts which adopt the slow-paced, female fronted ideal, however there is something more appealing about Let’s Buy Happiness and this upcoming single. The single is a testament to the casual deportment which sets them apart from those that seem to be attempting to achieve some kind of careless image; these guys do relaxed naturally and it certainly comes across in Work’s Better On Paper. It’s a delightful song and it is highly recommended you check the band out before the release of this pleasant little number.

Claire Kane


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