Single: Solar Taxi- Zodiac

Solar Taxi is one of those bands that you will hear of quite a lot and you have more than likely seen their name posted up in nightclubs and gig venues; they are one of the hardest working bands in Irish music and the fact that their name is familiar to probably half of you reading this is proof.

Fronted by Aisling Browne, the Waterford act have achieved more than a lot of unsigned acts can dream of, particularly the accomplishment of having their song Fool featured in a Hollywood movie; a little known one, but a hollywood one all the same. Based on their latest released it is no surprise Solar Taxi has excelled in Irish music as an unsigned act. Zodiac is the first release from the band’s upcoming album Broken Brother’s Secret Bells and it will no doubt catapult them further still into the stratosphere of popularity. The track is bouncy and up-beat rendering it quite commercial, but not commercial enough to transform the band into a fully fledged pop act. Perhaps the odd play in mainstream radio is on the horizons but less commercial stations would not be doing their job in showcasing delectable Irish if they did not give this track a spin on occasion (that means you, Phantom FM).  The single gives off that sickly sweet yet fierce sound at which young Irish vocalists seem to be professionals.

It is a charming song, a potential ear-worm and perhaps the beginning of a news chapter for the band who have achieved so much, and yet still managed to stay just below the radar.

Claire Kane


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