EP: Sounds of System Breakdown- Others (remixes)

Ireland’s electro scene is ever-growing and just below the surface is an underrated diamond in the form of Sounds of System Breakdown. The band have attracted the attentions of Ireland’s most important music bloggers with the release of their debut album in 2010, and two years later they have released an intriguing EP entitled OTHERS (REMIXES). The EP is a collection of remixes the dance group laid out for a number of UK and Ireland acts; a wonderful idea.

The stand out track on the EP is It’s ok to be normal by the fantastic Gorgeous Colours. The twist taken with this songs turns into something entirely different; it maintains the positive message original put across by Gorgeous Colours, but the remixes makes it just that little bit easier to listen to; turning into a possible Indie club classic. While it is the most outstanding track, this does not mean any less for the other tracks that appear; the EP has little to no faults. Their remix of My Tiger My Timing’s Written in Red transforms it from Ace of Base, to DeadMau5 with the simplest changes. It is a testament to Sounds of System Breakdown that they can instill life into an otherwise forgettable song. Also worthy of mention is the ambient sounding Kind Hearts by Little Xs for Eyes. Little Xs for eyes are far from electro; there are more of a folky-pop group with sickly sweet and delightful melodies so it comes as a surprise to find them on this remix EP. Sounds of System Breakdown’s remastering of their “she & him-esque” sound is risky on the original’s part; but it pays off for both parties. It shows that Little Xs… songs are not one-dimensional and it also depicts the skill and cleverness when it comes to SOSB’s remixing skills.

It is always a risk for any electro act to release a collection of remixes for other artists as some will argue that it does not showcase their talents but rather those of other music acts; wrong. It shows that they are more than just an electro act, they are and will increasingly be masters of music. Hopefully we will be hearing more from this creative group be it their own work, or their reworkings of other band’s songs.

You can listen to the EP here: http://soundsofsystembreakdown.bandcamp.com/


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