Single: Keith Moss- The War Outside Our Door.

Keith Moss, a new edition to the Reekus Record roster, is no stranger to the music scene having played with and supported several bands, including Rodrigo y Gabriela. His latest single release, The War Outside Our Door, is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. Not only is it an entirely different sound from what we have been accustomed to hearing from our male solo artists, it remains alternative, without adopting the rock and roll attitude of: “Choas and booze prevail”.

The single is the opposite of what rock music generally promotes; the war referred to in the song is a nod to the anti-social behaviour and binge-drinking that has taken over our neighbourhoods. The deceptively political number sends out a positive message without depreciating the quality and catchy nature of the song. There is no epic build up to unfitting an solo, no egotistical vocal warbling; it is a simple song with a wonderful tune, uncomplicated musicianship and a common cause for concern. Moss’ lyrics and vocals are incredible on this track; simply an added bonus to the social commentary. Well worth a listen. It would be wonderful to see Moss continue to write and perform such politically and socially vocal songs.


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