Fin O’ Brine- Tested on Animal EEP

Ùnderstated music is certainly underrated. Fin O’ Brine’s latest offering is certainly understated; largely being just him and his guitar mulling over lamenting lyrics and a somber melody. With recommendations from Ireland’s most prized singer songwriters (Damien Dempsey and Luka Bloom to name just two) his talent is evident without having to listen to a recording at all.

The Tested on Animals EEP just as successfully conveys his commendable talent with the intricate weaving of classic guitar with his dark and haunting voice. The EEP is quite and slightly unsettling due to the less than cheerful nature of the songs, and the classically poetic lyrics. O’ Brine’s lyrical talent is without doubt the most admirable aspect of the album. His words burrow into the listeners skin in the darkest fashion such as in the 6 minute long Hermit Violence.  The low-key guitar and incredible subtle violin mesh well with O’Brine’s voice which is telling tales of accusation and fear.

The EEP is understated, and it is likely not to achieve much media attention, but for the right reasons; it is not commercial-friendly and it is dark. The thing in its entirety may be too much to take all in one listen given the sobriety of all elements that compose this intriguingly  opaque collection of songs; definitely not one to listen to if you are looking for a pick-me-up.

The EEP will be launched in the Odessa Club on April 13th with support from Aidan Bolton and Julian Muller; admission €10.


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