Album: Simone Felice- Simone Felice

‘The Felice Brothers’ is quiet a popular name among music fans, having made a name for themselves with their acoustic-come-country sound. Former Felice Brothers drummer, Simone Felice, has proven himself to be more than “just a drummer”, as he has had poetry and novels published as well launching a solo career. This year sees the release of an astounding self-titled album by Felice; a heart warming collection of melodic and well thought-out tracks.

Without even knowing Felice’s poetic tendencies, it is clear that he has a quixotic way with words. Perhaps the first track that will catch the attention of listeners is the one titled Courtney Love. Love has responded badly to songs she perceived to have been written about her, so it would be interesting to know how she would react to this melancholic perception of her life. It speaks volumes to Felice’s compassion and lyrical abilities that he can write and sing about the infamous woman with such benevolence and sympathy. Regardless of who the song is about, it is a beautiful number with tender sentiments; guaranteed to warm the heart. Equally touching is Gimme All You Got ; a track based solely on vocals and guitar. The air and harmonies of the song is not dissimilar to that of many of Ireland’s own Damien Rice. It is a soft and soothing number, ideal for nap time, or simply just listening to while you want to wind down and forget the world beyond your window.

Another attention grabbing song, that stands out among the others if only for it’s more upbeat and cheerful air, is You and I belong. The sentiment behind the song is evident from the song title and it is only backed up the gospel style clapping and whistling. The song is no doubt the most effective on the album with its combination of dark lyrics and uplifting feelings. The lyric “Holy Moses” also adds to the likability of this fantastic song, as does the banjo towards the end of the song.

While the album is worthy of several listens, it may not be possible to listen to it in its entirety on a regular basis given its somewhat depressing inclination. It sounds as though, at times, that Felice’s voice is shaking and withering with genuine emotion and hurt at the lyrics. This adds to the beauty of the album, however it may not be suitable for your everyday listening. This album comes with a huge recommendation from this humble music blogger; a true beauty in terms of lyrical brilliance, and one for those moments when only music can soothe your aches and pains.


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