Rebecca Gresty- Mad at the Seems.

Once in a while you come across an album that makes you think: “I would be surprised if this isn’t a hit.” Rebecca Gresty  is due to release her debut album in March, and it would indeed come as a shock if it did not launch the woman’s career to level of say, Imelda May, to whom she will inevitably be compared, despite there being more rock elements to Gresty’s style of music.

Gresty’s strong voice is backed up by a ten piece band of strings, brass and all the basics. This, teamed with top class production to make an album high above the quality of most up and coming artists in Ireland. Hers is a voice that can easily skip from rockabilly to soulful to alternative rock with ease, a sign of a truly skillful vocalist with the ability to embrace a variety of genres, rather than bogging herself down into the one.

The rock side to her most effectively comes through in Alice a fierce and very sexually charged song, drawing on influences from the likes of Joan Jett and PJ Harvey. It would be unsurprising if she earned comparisons to these particular artists, as it is clear from this debut effort that she is a strong-willed woman with immense songwriting talent, and a voice to back it up. One particularly remarkable track on this professional album is It Don’t Shine (The Last Stare); an orchestral number with a more emotional element than is present in the majority of the other songs on the album with delicate piano and sentiments of a modern romance gone wrong. Other noteworthy songs on the album include the stunning Toast, likely to bring a tear to your eye if you are feeling particularly emotional, and it carries many emotions to which perhaps a lot of women can relate.

The song most likely to grab the attention of all the right people is title track Mad at the seems, a rockabilly style offering with an air of empowerment and physical cravings that lend a grown up and professional tone to the album from the outset. In a country filled to the brim with throaty and timid songstresses it is a delight to listen to this album of raw urges and strong vocals akin to the likes of the aforementioned already established singer-songwriters, but with a refreshing and unique tweak that Gresty can claim as her own. This album is more than worth a listen, it is worth adding to your music collection and revisiting time and time again.


2 thoughts on “Rebecca Gresty- Mad at the Seems.

  1. Wow Oh wow. Agree totally with all your comments Claire. Truely inspirational and a breath of fresh air to listen to. Upwards and Onwards from here. Good luck with the Album.

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