Charity Single: Pete Courtney & Friends- White Roses.

Released on the 12th of January, this wonderful charity single has not been given the attention deserves. Pete Courtney, a mainstay of the Irish music industry, suffered a terrible tragedy in the loss of his mother last year, and he decided to put his talents, and those of many other Irish musicians, to good work, and all for a charitable cause.

‘White Roses’ is folk song originally written by courtney in 1998. one that was particularly loved by Courtney’s mother, and it is therefore an apt number to perform in order to raise money for the Irish hospice foundation and the regional hospices across Ireland.

It truly is a beautiful rendition of the folk song, sung by Cathy Dave and Mundy, who are accompanied by other well known names such as Julie Feeney, Vivienne Long, and of course Pete Courtney himself. It is for a cause that we all, in one way or another, benefit from at various stages of our lives, so you would be doing a world of good simply by visiting itunes and purchasing this song. It is one that should be getting a lot more airplay than it has, as it is for an excellent cause.


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