Album: Cormac O’ Caoimh “A new season for love”

Many readers may recognise Cormac O’ Caoimh’s name. That is because he is the former singer-songwriter for once well-respected band, The citadels, and he will be releasing  his second solo album, ‘A new season for love’ in coming months.  It is indeed a new season for O’ Caoimh as he has been graced with the opportunity to put a more mature twist on his music, and show what he can do on his own, music wise.

‘A new season for love’ is a delicate twelve track album that, in all honesty, is not going to be a sensational hit, but it is not without its charm. ‘Grow up, be good’ is one of the more intriguing tracks on the album, with its mysterious and lamenting lyrics coupled with perfectly entwined guitar and piano, it is a wonderful song to listen to when relaxing.

O’Caoimh’s voice is flawless throughout, maintaining its soft and somewhat husky tone when delivering these songs of undoubted maturity. It would seem that the singer-songwriter has collected a lot of influence from both the outside world, and the music industry, as each song varies from folk to a light jazz sound, putting forth the wisdom he has gathered over the years. Particularly attention grabbing is the beautiful ‘counting the raindrops’, possibly the most tender track, on the generally tender album. There is something warming about his vocals on this track, that makes it seem as though he singing directly to the listener.

While this album is not as commercially viable as many similar albums released over the last few years, the jazz elements make it stand out among the majority of Ireland’s acoustic guitar wielding songwriters. It is the ideal de-stress album, with nothing alarming or disturbing; just pure and simple music, with meaningful and moving lyrics.


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