Upcoming Release: Raglan’s EP

It seems as though the Raglan’s have been around forever, although it has not even been two years since lead singer Stephen Kelly joined forces with the current line up after touring under the name ‘The Raglan’s’ with various other folk and indie musicians. They are one of those Irish bands who manage to catch the attention of those who do not invest a particular interest in the Irish unsigned music scene, something which, no doubt, many of Ireland’s unsigned acts would love to have the ability to do.

It was recently announced that The Raglans will be releasing their self-titled EP, which is set to attract more desired attention from the media and music fans alike. The EP will be launched on the 21st of this month in The Grand Social. It is only €5 to the gig and you get the EP as well, which could very well be something to brag about in a few years from now.

The announcement of the EP release came along the release of a music video for the band’s catchy new single ‘The Man From Glasgow’, which features a very Libertines-esque four way split showing each member strolling around Dublin, and uniting at the end. While the video itself is not particularly inspiring, the song itself is delightfully easy to listen to, and even easier to bop along to. Take a listen below and if you like what you hear it is highly recommended that you head along to the gig on the 21st.


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