One to watch: You Tell Me.

No, that is not an invitation to tell me who think is going to be the next band or artist to make waves in the Dublin music scene, it is the name of the band that this music lover has just reviewed for Golden Plec. They are from the bad lands of Blanchardstown, and they have a more pure and honest sound than I have heard in months.

There is something remarkable about coming across a band that does not sound like any other. There are 50 O Emperors (more’s the pity), 60 Bi Polar Empires and even more Ed Sheerans, and many of them do not deserve the media attention they receive. Far be it from me, who shamelessly plugs my Favourite bands on a constant basis (Hello Key West and Hot Sprockets!) to judge other journalist’s for plugging their friend’s or bands they genuinely enjoy, however many gems such as You Tell Me, slip just below the radar because many of the bands that get mass attention are already established with no need for extra plugging, or not worth the praise.

This recommendation is based on the music as it sounds as though it was born in a different era, and the singer’s alluring deep voice. These particular elements aid the band in what one can only assume is a brave attempt to not sound like all the others. They have recently released their EP, First things First (as reviewed on Golden Plec), and it is composed of 4 tracks that are likely to make the listener think, love and be absorbed into the charm of each track.

You can listen to the entire EP only totally for free, so why not have a listen? Particular recommendation go to Courtyard, lead singer McDonagh’s vocals are poignant and delicate while remaining impressively husk and masculine. Have a listen.


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