Bands of the year

A bit early in the final month of December but it feels like the right time to count down my top 5 favourite bands of the year. Not all are necessary brand new from this decade, some have risen from the past to make an impression on music fans all over again. So enjoy reading my top 5 bands of the year and feel free to argue against every word I say.

5. Starting off the count down is MAN BAND Take That. They made their comeback a long time ago in 2005, but they really delighted long time fans (including me) when they brought back the fifth member, Robbie Williams, for a once off tour in the summer of 2011. It delighted many a-girl (and some boys) to see the fivesome back together, and they could only wish they would be “back for good”. It was a momentous occasion in pop music, and they put to shame the boy bands of modern times. They can all sing, Gary Barlow is an exceptional songwriter, and Howard and Jason can damn well dance! It may not be “cool” to like them, much less to admit a life long love of them, but who is to say what is cool and what is not? They are remarkable live and they gave this music blogger, and many other fans some amazing memories that will cherish for as long as they can.

To emphasise my love for this man band I thought I would share with you a picture of me waiting for them to come on stage in Croke Park back in June. 🙂 

4. Now on to newer bands, and less selfish reasons for awarding the accolade, fourth place goes to London band, The Vaccines. They landed in the music scene with an almighty boom, signing up with Columbia in 2011. NME magazine even backed them to be one the biggest acts of the year, and they certainly made a stir among music fans. It is alarming to learn that they only formed in 2010 and instantly attracted attention from all the right people with their own brand of twangy indie rock. They have not gotten as much of a push on this side of the river, but they have made an enormous impact over there. Lets hope their talent is appreciated while they are in existence, as it seems to be the case with many similar bands, that they only get recognition when it all falls apart. Enjoy this video by my number four band!

3. Cashier No. 9 have been a band that many people who know me would have heard me mention this band a lot over the past year and a half. They are an Irish band with more talent in the guitar plecs than Bono has in his entire body. They are an outstanding band with a world of potential right at their finger tips. If you don’t hear more about them next year, I will eat my Take That t-shirt.

2. The runner-up in my count down is Dublin band Cfit. They are not your regular Indie Band, they manage to tread softly along the threshold between utterly messy and absolutely together. Lead singer Noel is totally in tune with the instruments in every song, making it impossible to tell where his voice ends and the music begins. They are one to add to your music collection with out a doubt, so be sure to check out their Debut album Triage but the year is out.

1. Anyone who has been following me on twitter, Facebook, here, or as I go about my daily business (stop following me if the latter is the case), will know that I have been ranting and raving about one band in particular, The Hot Sprockets. Like Cfit, this band released their debut album and have been attracting a lot of attention from all corners of the media. They are a dirty kind of rock, heralding Kings of Leon when they were good, and they should go a long provided the Irish media get behind them.


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