Mainstream acts its ok to like.

There is nothing wrong with being a music snob, I have been known to turn my nose up at a Cheryl Cole song or 2, but in reality, I believe that you shouldn’t judge people for what they listen to. Music is all about making us feel good, and helping us tap into our own emotions, and if Cheryl Cole’s awful singing and terrible lyrics do that for some people, just let them be! I have always been more of a “rocker” and what really grabs me is a great drum beat and some fierce and catchy lyrics, but I don’t discriminate against genres; I have my favourites, namely Punk, Indie and neo-psychedelica, but I have been known to dabble with a bit of pop music, some heavy metal, and yes, even a touch of rap! For those of you who can’t embrace the good in all genres, there are some acts out there from the mainstream world.

1. Eminem

Eminem began as somewhat of a novelty act, insulting other celebrities in his songs and incorporating silly lyrics, however among the more revered “cartoon-esque” numbers, there are also some meaningful and hard-hitting lyrics about lower class life, his family, and friends that have passed away. The difference with Eminem is that ordinarily he will only rap about party’s, women etc. in a tongue in cheek way, and lately about drugs in a way that shows the reality. His is not all about ‘tits and ass’ as many of his counterparts are.

2.Britney Spears

Britney has been around so long that if you are over 18 years of age it is ok to finally confess that you never fell out of love with her (and I know it’s not just me!) Her old music brings back memories  and her new music reminds us that you’re too long in the tooth to hit the dancefloor, despite the fact that most night clubs are crawling with 17 year olds. Plus she wears biker gloves, which makes her automatically cool in my book.

3. Pink

Pink has always been more of an anti-popstar throughout her career, and since her second album, missundastood, it has  been ok to say how cool you think she is. She is a strong woman, who doesn’t feel the need to conform to the current trend for female singers, be it blonde hair, or acting like a tramp (yeah, that’s you Rihanna). She is the definition of the word FIERCE! and if you turn your nose up at her music, because she is mainstream, you’re failing to see the bigger picture.

4. Take That

Robbie Williams SHOULD have gotten a mention on his own, because he is my version of GOD and I’m not ashamed to see it, but Robbie is still rebuilding his credibility as a result of Rude Box, so Take that have pipped him on this one. Since there come back looking all grown up and serious with Patience, they have been re-installed into many people’s music collections and people that never hid the CDs and poster could sing proudly about their love of Mark, Gary, Jason and Howard. They have become an entirely new group compared to the 90’s and they have produced some belters since their return. Nothing like some feel good pop to brush the cob-webs off.


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