Single: Low 7, Kodakid

Kodakid are one of those effortless “cool” bands that float around the Irish music scene collecting impressive reviews here and there, exuding their delicious rock sound throughout Ireland’s hippest gig venues. Their single, Low 7, doesn’t take away from the image the band have created, perhaps inadvertently, for themselves.

On listening to the single, the only phrase that can be used to describe Kodakid’s brand of rock is “sexy rock!”. The heavy bass, the impressive solo towards the end of the song, the quintessential rock-star attitude, all make for a great rock-out song. It takes a great band to create a song that drags in the listener and makes them wish they had come across them earlier, and that is exactly what they did with this single. It is one of those “music comes first songs”: You can’t help but be hypnotised by the excellent drumming, spiraling guitar rift and dominant bass line. Then on the second or third listen you focus in on the lyrics, a song for the younger generation of music lovers, fed up, and looking for something else give their adrenaline rush a boost.

It is highlight recommended that you listen to their new single if you are a fan of honest to god rock, and are sick of hearing the same old poppy indie music from Ireland’s unsigned.


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