Single: Sunset Song/Cheerleader, We are losers

We are losers are yet another understated, underrated Irish indie band and they are releasing their new double single Sunset Song andCheerleader on the 15th of July. The band have already made an impression on the UK’s alternative radio shows, including the much revered show fronted by Lauren Laverne on BBC radio’s 6Music.

Judging by their debut release, it is no surprise that the alt crowd of Blighty; The first track, Sunset Song is an impressive indie pop number, with a catchy riff and even catchier chorus. It is the kind of song you would find yourself dancing to (somewhat uncontrollably) and humming along to the tune regardless of whether you have heard it before, and that is the mark of a truly great band.

The second track is a summery track stolen right out of the 1960s. Cheerleader would have fit snugly between Waterloo Sunset and Light my Fireon any self respecting radio show circa 1967. It is an easy song to listen to, and while not as impressive as the first track, it will bring a smile to face.

Overall We are losers live up to their underground reputation by presenting two bonafide indie tracks that are easy to listen to, easy to dance to and easy to love.   Visit the Dance to the radio BandCamp page to judge for yourself.


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