EP: Red Brick House

Red Brick House are based in Sligo and have been together for a number of years. They have played some impressive gigs recently including last year’s Rory Gallagher Festival in Bundoran, so it is no wonder that the release of their debut, self-titled EP has caused a bit of a stir in the underground. The best way to describe this band’s sound is by saying it is somewhat of a rock hybrid; an amalgamation of  out-and-out rock and the generalised definition of Indie Rock.

The four track EP is doused with negative emotions but, sure, what else do you want from your local Indie Band? In My Head is particularly bleak and expresses the frustration we all get from time to time when everything seems black, and you struggle to see the light, everything is grating on your nerves and you feel that one day soon, with all the noise and the rush, you’ll just pop! One thought that will come to the minds of anyone on listening to this song is: “Wow, these guys are just like me!” Yes they are just like you: judging by the EP they have been stuck with someone they don’t want, been led on by someone they did and felt, possible more than once, that they were fed up with everything; who hasn’t been in ALL of these situations? It’s great to listen to the band singing and playing songs to which every single person can relate.

The highlight of the EP is Broke The Law. Lead Guitarist Les Finan opens the song with a deep and rolling guitar lick followed by Patrick Leydon’s vocals, which are reminiscent of James Skelly of The Coral. It is a dark and intriguing song which compiles all the elements you could want from an Indie rock song, a build up at the start, leading to a simple drum beat and the treat of Piano towards the end!

It is highly recommended that fans of The Coral and Stereophonics check this band out, they are not dissimilar to them and yet manage to keep hold of an individual sound. The EP is available to download for free on soundcloud.com. Listen to Broke The Law below and share your thoughts!



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