Single: It’s Ok To be Normal, The Gorgeous Colours

The Gorgeous Colours are a five piece band from Dublin and their latest EP was met with great acclaim from Ireland’s most respected music bloggers. May of this year saw the release of their single, It’s Ok to be Normal.

From the outset, this song is enchanting to say the least. It begins with a delightful plucking intro before lead Neil Smyth chimes in with his lazy but tuneful voice. The skill and talent of each band member shines through in just this one song. The arrangement is modern with a twist of lethargic nostalgia. Often reviews lead to comparisons between the band and other well established musical groups, however excluding the tiniest dose of The Cure, The Gorgeous Colours are an original band with a sound that has been missing from the Irish music scene these past few years.

This is with out doubt a song that should be featuring on Ireland’s alternative music stations; Phantom FM and RTÉ 2XM. It is oozing with achievement and goes passed the realm of “potential”; simply going on this single alone, The Gorgeous Colours have all the ingredients it takes to be a much revered Alternative band, all they need is the right amount of support from music fans and journalists.


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